Sunday, June 14, 2015

12 Creative and Delicious Ice Cubes - Summer's Enjoyment

During summer, the heat could sometimes be unbearable. Most of the people will start making ice cubes for cold drinks, right? But ice cubes made of water might be a little too boring. What about add some creativity into it, like adding some flavor, fruits or even chocolate? Creativity makes the ice cubes more attractive and tasty, and makes your summer more enjoyable! Lets take a look at my collection of ice cubes ideas.

1. Coffee Ice Cubes. 

Don't throw away you coffee leftovers. Pour them into your ice cube tray and freeze them. The taste of coffee ice cube is amazing, especially for coffee lovers!

2. Ice Cubes with different drinks, juices or fruits.

3. Peach Ice Cubes

Blend the peaches into mashed peach and make ice cubes with them. Tastiness maximized!

4. Watermelon Ice Cubes

Cut the watermelon into cube shape and freeze them. Putting these watermelon ice cubes into any of your drinks will surely make you no longer feel hot.

5. Flower Ice Cubes

Put small flowers into the water in your ice cube tray and freeze. These beautiful ice cubes would be the best decoration to keep your drinks cold.

6. Ice Cubes with edible Flowers

Alternatively you can use some edible flowers and add some lemon juice to make ice cubes. You will feel very refreshing.

7. Chocolate Strawberry Cubes

Cut the strawberries into halves and put into the ice cube tray. Then pour liquid chocolate into the tray until the strawberries are covered and put the tray into the refrigerator.

8. Champagne Ice Cubes

Make ice cubes with mashed pomegranate and add them into your champagne.

9. Grapefruit Ice Cubes

Don't like to eat grapefruit? Make them into ice cubes! You will like it.

10. Chocolate Ice Cubes

Want some ice cold chocolate milk? Make ice cubes with chocolate and put into warm milk, there you go!

11. Lime Ice Cubes for Cocktails

Use lime juice and add a piece of mint leaf. These ice cubes are perfect match for cocktails.

12. Ice Cream Ice Cubes

Don't like ice cream because they are too soft? Make them into ice cubes and add them into milk. You can now enjoy milk with different taste everyday!

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